About me

My name is Stefanos Laskaridis and I am an ML Research Scientist. My focus is on Machine Learning and Distributed Systems, with a special interest for privacy. I also go by “Steve” for short.

Currently, I am researcher at Brave, focusing on the area of privacy-preserving ML and Federated Learning. Before that, I used to be a research scientist at Samsung AI Center in Cambridge, UK, working in the areas of distributed, collaborative and efficient on-device ML. Previously, I did my MPhil in the University of Cambridge and prior to that I was a Software Engineer for the Storage Group (IT-ST-TAB) at CERN, in Geneva, Switzerland.

My research interests, by and large, revolve around the areas of distributed systems, machine learning and mobile systems. Thus, my research tends to span across these topics, ranging from efficient models for mobile deployment (such as dynamic early exit networks) to inference offloading and from on-device to Federated Learning.

In my free time, I love travelling, motorsport and photography. I am also passionate about the topics of open-source and privacy and like partaking in hackathons from time to time.